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The concept of a Personal Legend was taken from Paulo Coelho’s bestselling book The Alchemist. Although its interpretation has been somewhat modified within the context of the MasterMind Matrix.

A Personal Legend is simply your life’s spiritual purpose that is comprised of your mission and vision.

A personal vision outlines what you would like to achieve and contribute to the world and others. A personal mission is your code of conduct — a set of standards that help you live your life roles. Moreover, your personal mission outlines the type of person that you would like to become.

If your current values, beliefs, self-concept, actions, decision, behaviors, and goals are aligned with your Personal Legend, then you will live an extraordinary fulfilling life. If on the other hand, any of these conflict with your Personal Legend, then you will struggle to find purpose and direction in life.

The key is to work on “becoming”, not “achieving”.

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