Personal Legend | what is?

A Personal Legend is your life’s spiritual purpose. It’s a spiritual calling that awakens a deep desire and passion to live with a sense of purpose for something greater than yourself. Some people might call it a mission or a vision statement, however it’s more of a combination of the two that ultimately helps you leave a lasting legacy behind.

  • A Vision Statement: Is your ultimate life’s purpose. It’s the contribution you make to the world, to society, to your community, to your industry and/or to your family.
  • A Mission Statement: Is a code of conduct you live by. In other words, it’s a set of standards you have for living your life’s roles. These standards are built upon your personal values and they help shape the kind of person you seek to become through your daily choices, decisions, behaviors and actions.

Let’s however not confuse a personal legend with the amount of success you can attain over a lifetime. This is not about success, accomplishment or about the longevity of life. It’s about working towards something that’s greater than yourself; it’s about working towards something that supports your highest spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs for living your life with purpose. It’s an ultimate goal that you have for your life that’s driven forward by “possibility”, not fear. You follow this path because it has a purpose, it serves a purpose, and it helps you live with purpose.

To live your life in pursuit of your personal legend is to live in accordance with your ultimate spiritual destiny. This means living “well” by living-up to your highest potential as an extraordinary human being. You might of course need to develop certain skills, abilities, strengths and/or work on developing your talents in certain areas of your life. But that’s all part of the work you need to do to fulfill your personal legend.

All this basically comes down to building a compelling future and leaving a lasting legacy that stands the test of time. This of course requires you fully appreciate and understand what you must do and the kind of person you need to become as you move through this process.

Ultimately, to live in accordance with your personal legend means satisfying your six human needs to their highest level, while focusing on things that promote class one behavior: feels good, is good for you, is good for others, and serves the greater good of all and everything concerned. That is essentially how a fulfilling life should be lived, and that is how a personal legend begins to manifest in your life.

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