Persona | what is?

A Persona is an aspect of your character that you use as somewhat of a mask to present yourself to others and to the world around you. It’s evident in the character traits you display when around certain people or within specific social situations.

Ideally this persona should reflect the real authentic you. However, many times we present a false image of ourselves in order to convince others that we are something we are not.

The persona you project out into the world doesn’t only come through your personality or character traits, it’s also evident in how you carry yourself, in the way you talk, in what you talk about, in the stories you embellish, in how you treat others, in what you wear, and even in the material things you covet.

All of these things might of course very well be an accurate representation of you as a person, however in other instances it’s nothing more than a persona that we use to mask our authentic selves.

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