The Path to Genius

The Path to Genius IQ Matrix explores how to become what other people would call a GENIUS. Yes, and it is something we can all work towards. What this map does is it establishes how geniuses are made, not born. In other words, becoming a genius is not an accident, it actually comes about as a result of very specific actions that are taken consistently over time in a specialized area of life. It’s this tremendous focus and discipline coupled together with the right attitude and mindset from which a genius evolves.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Path to Genius IQ Matrix:

  • The Creation of a Genius: The first branch of this map breaks down what it takes to become what other people call a genius. And it all essentially boils down to the little things such as your work ethic, energy, mindset, drive, level of persistence, passion and obsessive focus; to name just a few of the critical factors.
  • Deliberate Practice: One of the key actions of a genius comes in the form of deliberate practice. The second branch of this map explores the value of deliberate practice, and what it takes to instil this important habit in your life. It’s essentially all about committing yourself to consistently doing something every day until you reach a level of mastery and proficiency that is far greater than the vast majority of other people. However, this is not just about passively practicing something. It’s rather about proactively doing something with the intention of making constant improvements.
  • Becoming a Genius: The final two branches of this map breakdown a five step process you can follow to help you become a genius in your specialized area of expertise. These steps have been adapted from the work of Robert Greene in his bestselling book Mastery. The steps are certainly not complicated, but time, patience and effort will be required to see them through till the end.

As you progressively work through this map you will begin to fully comprehend what it takes to grow and develop into a genius in a specialized area of study. Yes it will take a lot of dedication, patience, effort and ingenuity on your part to pull this off. However, with time you will progressively adopt new habits and ways of thinking that will transform the way you work and how you express your imagination. And in the end this is what will make all the difference with helping you become a genius in other people’s eyes.

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