Path of Uncertainty (mx)

The moment we set our goals, lay down our plans, and make our decision to push forward, is the moment that we step onto the Path of Uncertainty.

When we reach the Path of Uncertainty we have two choices — both of which are riddled with uncertainty, and yet lead us in completely opposite directions.

When we come to these crossroads, the one thing that will effectively determine which path we choose to take simply comes down to a set of questions we tend to ask ourselves. These questions will either take us down the path towards freedom or towards self-manufactured emotional bondage.

This choice is indeed ours to make, and yet unknowingly we actually make this choice every single day — not realizing that it’s one of the most significant choices that shapes our life and ultimate destiny.

Begin asking a set of different questions, and the conscious shift you make will start shaping your life in a new direction.

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