The Path of Empowerment (mx)

Once you are on the Path of Empowerment an incredible force begins to shape your life — helping you build the momentum you need to attain your goals and objectives.

However, this “force” does require that you follow certain rules and principles that are clearly outlined within the MasterMind Matrix. You must be very careful though as breaking any of these rules or principles could halt your momentum, or worse still, sabotage your journey towards your desired outcomes.

The key here is to keep things simple yet flexible. You must focus on taking personal responsibility for all your decisions and actions while building a stable support system that will help you work through the tough challenges that await you along your journey.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes that people make while on the Path of Empowerment is focusing on “end outcome”. Instead we must concentrate entirely on the process of execution above all else.

IQ Matrix Maps

Below you will find relevant IQ Matrix maps that are part of this segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart:

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Here are several recommended books that will provide you with more insights and information about this specific segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart.

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