Path of Destruction: Phase 2 (mx)

As you progress further along the Path of Self-Destruction you reach the next phase of your journey that triggers a chain reaction of automatic responses that dig you deeper into the pits of despair.

First, in a fleeting attempt to lift your fragile spirits you point the finger at everything and everyone but yourself. You can’t consciously accept the circumstances you find yourself in, and you therefore begin making excuses that make you feel somewhat better. However, pointing fingers at others and blaming your circumstances on a dose of bad luck just intensifies the negative emotions building up inside.

You of course try to justify these emotions by rationalizing your experiences, however that just leads to even more confusion.

All-in-all this experience teaches you new skills of self-sabotage; it helps you gain unique knowledge and understanding about yourself, the world and others; and it strengthens the neural pathway networks in your brain, thereby solidifying your habits of self-destruction.

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