Path of Destruction: Phase 1 (mx)

As you progress along the Path of Self-Destruction a plethora of things begin to happen. First, you start to view your life from a fear-based victim mentality. This likewise forces you to hold negative expectations about circumstances. As a result your focus is limited and directed onto your weaknesses, which cripples how you view yourself, the world and others.

Soon you begin to complicate matters — making things harder and more difficult than they should be, and as a result you become overwhelmed and begin to neglect personal responsibility.

In a desperate attempt you try to take shortcuts by seeking instant gratification. As a result you confront your problems head-on, however because you are coming from a position of weakness you are unable to deal with these challenges effectively and consequently you look for quick results, which you do not believe you can achieve.

This goes on and on. Eventually you end up hoping and pleading that things will turn out okay, but inside you know they really won’t because your past experience teaches you that you are destined to fail time and again.

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