Pain and Pleasure Principle (mx)

Everything we do throughout the day is built upon the principle of pain and pleasure. In fact, this principle has a direct impact on the goals we set and on the resulting actions we take to achieve those goals. Furthermore, the pain and pleasure principle influences our habits, motivations and the emotions we tend to experience.

As a society we have been conditioned to seek instant gratification, to take the easy road, to experience short-term pleasure and avoid short-term pain. This is where the habit of procrastination comes into the picture. We seek to avoid doing something that will bring us pain, and as a result we procrastinate and focus on something that brings us short-term relief or fleeting moments of pleasure.

I think it’s clear that if we approach life from this perspective that it will be very difficult to achieve our goals. We must therefore learn to consciously control our responses to pain and pleasure in a way that works for us rather than against us.

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