Overcoming Setbacks (mx)

No matter how thorough, disciplined, committed and dedicated we are toward attaining our objectives, we will often fail to get the results we are after. So why is this the case?

First of all we don’t get what we want because somewhere along the MasterMind Matrix something is simply not aligned with the “bigger picture”. It could be our values, beliefs, self-concept, rules, perceptual influences, language patterns, questions, etc. This naturally leads to setbacks and challenges that force us to address all the points of weakness along the MasterMind Matrix.

These points of weakness must of course be overcome, otherwise we will continue to struggle and face setbacks time and again.

Secondly, we don’t get what we want because we are simply not yet ready or haven’t yet learned the lessons we need to learn to achieve our goals. Take time to learn from your experience, to acquire a new set of skills, or to gain some valuable knowledge, and often the challenges you face will wash away like dirt on a rainy day.

IQ Matrix Maps

Below you will find relevant IQ Matrix maps that are part of this segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart:

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Here are several recommended books that will provide you with more insights and information about this specific segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart.

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