Overcoming Laziness

The Overcoming Laziness IQ Matrix will help you to get out of the habit of indulging in lazy rituals that sabotage your goals and objectives. Life is just too short, and we only have a limited amount of time during the day. Your lazy habits are doing you no favors, in fact they are hurting your productivity and preventing you from living the life you truly desire to live. It’s time to break the cycle of those lazy habits and live life with a greater sense of purpose and urgency.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Overcoming Laziness IQ Matrix:

  • Feeling a Little Lazy?:  Laziness is a habit that we condition over time. Laziness is therefore a choice that we make that becomes a part of our behavior, for better or worse. However, there are some very real reasons why you’re feeling lazy. Unlocking these reasons may very well help you overcome this nasty habit. This branch will show you how to do exactly that. However, what this branch will also do is explore the differences between laziness and procrastination. Both these habits are unique in their own ways.
  • Finding Your Motivation:  In order to get out of a lazy rut, you need to find the motivation within yourself to do the things you need to do to get your life back on track. This branch explores a three step process you can use that will hopefully help you get out of a lazy rut — allowing you to build the momentum you need to live your life with more passion, purpose and urgency.
  • Overcoming Inertia:  Sometimes all you need to get out of a lazy slump is to overcome inertia. You are feeling lazy because your body isn’t engaged; isn’t moving; isn’t active. This branch will show you how to overcome inertia to help get your body moving with more purpose and energy throughout the day. And that might be all you need to eliminate your lazy habits and temptations.
  • Laziness Traps:  There are several things you might tend to engage in or focus on that will automatically trap you in a lazy state-of-mind. It’s absolutely paramount that you avoid these traps at all costs. This branch will provide you with some insights into these dangers.
  • Further Suggestions:  The final branch provides you with numerous more guidelines and suggestions that will hopefully help inspire you to get out of your lazy habits-of-mind.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively develop a new set of rituals and habits that will break the cycle of laziness in your life. You will then finally free yourself from the burden of living an uninspired existence, and step into a world of endless possibilities and opportunity.

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