Overcoming Envy

The Overcoming Envy IQ Matrix explores how to work through your feelings of envy in an optimal and helpful way. The map is built upon the premise that by comparing ourselves to others and by trying to live up to society’s expectations and standards we actually hurt our own growth and development. Instead we must focus on walking our own path and not worrying so much about what other people are or are not doing. In fact, we can use envy as a catalyst to make positive changes to our lives, instead of allowing it to progressively destroy our happiness.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Overcoming Envy IQ Matrix:

  • What is Envy?: The first branch of this mind map explores what envy is about and how it gains a foothold in our lives. It’s important to note here that envy isn’t the same as jealousy. Envy is when someone has something we want, while jealousy is when we feel that we may potentially lose something that is already ours.
  • Overcoming Envy Process: The remaining three branches break down a seven step process you can use to help you overcome envy. This process is designed to help you move from a feeling of inferiority and inadequacy, and into a feeling of empowerment where you are motivated to make positive changes in your life in order to fill the gap that your feelings of envy have brought to light.

As you progressively work through this map you will begin to take less notice of what others are doing and instead channel your energies into your own life path and goals. As such, you will no longer spend time comparing yourself to others, but instead, compare yourself to your very best self.

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