Optimal Living

The Optimal Living IQ Matrix explores the changes that you might need to make to live a happier and more fulfilling life. The map presents you with a series of questions that encourage you to think critically about various aspects of your life including your capabilities, beliefs, doubts, emotions, behavior, fears, peers, daily actions, goals, future and more. Working through these questions will help shift how you think about your life and circumstances.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Optimal Living IQ Matrix:

Each of the four branches of this map poses a different set of questions pertaining to various aspects of “living”. As you work through each set of questions you will gain ever deeper insights into your own psyche as-well-as into your interactions with the world around you. Your answers to these questions will subsequently help you to make necessary shifts and changes that will allow you to optimize how you live your life each day.

This map is ideal for life coaches who would like to get to know their client’s needs at a deeper level and is also very helpful for self-coaching purposes.

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