Neuron Pattern Formation (mx)

Our habits develop over time as neuron networks are established in our brain. In fact, 85 percent of our behavior occurs at an unconscious level of awareness. This behavior results from neuron patterns that were formed over a lifetime of thinking, deciding and repeating the same behavior over again.

The formation of these networks is absolutely critical and necessary because they allow us to operate on auto-pilot — not needing to think about every single thing that we do throughout the day. However, the drawback is that sometimes these behaviors are not in our best interests, and as a result we struggle to achieve our goals and objectives.

Oftentimes our willingness to change our behavior conflicts with the way our neuron patterns have been conditioned over time. This leads to self-sabotage patterns that affect how we frame our reality. As a result our perspectives shift and we continue to struggle to get what we want most out of life.

The key to changing these patterns is to begin transforming how you think about yourself, your life and your circumstances.

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