Mind Map Study Skills

The Mind Mapping Study Skills IQ Matrix explores how to effectively incorporate the fundamental principles of mind mapping to accelerate your ability to learn and assimilate information far more quickly and easily. The mind map breaks down the benefits of mind mapping, presents you with various methods of visual mapping you can use as you study, outlines how to read a mind map, and shows you how to use mind maps as study notes and in preparation for examinations. 

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Mind Mapping Study Skills IQ Matrix:

  • Benefits of Mind Mapping: The first branch of this map outlines the benefits of mind mapping and how they can be applied to academics, business, and life.
  • Visual Map Types: The second branch of this map explores seven different types of visual maps you can use to improve your study methods. It also outlines the benefits and drawbacks of hand-drawn mind maps vs. computer mind maps.
  • How to Read a Mind Map: The third branch of this map provides you with some quick guidelines on how to read a mind map.
  • Mind Mapping Study Tips: The final branch of this min map outlines a mind mapping study process you can use that will help improve your memory and recall and prepare for examinations.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily study routine, and you will progressively accelerate your ability to learn any subject matter for more quickly and easily using mind maps.

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