Metaphors | what are?

A Metaphor is an implied comparison that brings together two dissimilar objects or things. The two things that are being compared makeup the metaphor.

Metaphors are used constantly to help us make sense of the world we live in. In fact, they shape our understanding of the world and subsequently our mental model of reality. In fact, metaphors assist us with making more effective choices and decisions about the events and circumstances of our lives. They can also help keep us inspired and motivated as we move forward toward our desired outcomes.

Metaphors are very useful because they link the new with the familiar. In other words, they help bridge the gap by piecing together a canvas of new concepts and ideas and presenting them in a way that helps you (or your life coaching client) to better understand what it might take to overcome your (their) problems successfully.

All this is very important because familiarity, a sense of connection, and comfort are the driving forces that will help your overcome fear, resistance and anxiety. In fact, metaphors will help put your mind to rest by providing your with an alternate reality where you are free to experiment and try new things that will help you to successfully overcome your problems. And within this “experimental” world you will potentially find the confidence and the resourcefulness you need to think more creatively in uninhibited ways to help move your life forward.

For a metaphor to work in this way, it must be outrageous, funny and above all else must involve you in some way. In other words, you must be a part of this metaphor. In fact, you must be an integral part of the metaphor because your role within the metaphor itself is what will help provide you with the creative spark you need to overcome your problems successfully.

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