Mental Syntax (Strategies) | what is?

A Mental Syntax essentially refers to the way people organize their thoughts about things. The syntax is like a unique code that people use to effectively do something such as make a decision, learn something new, or even emotionalize an experience.

This mental syntax comes through in a very specific order; effectively unlocking a very specific and predictable mental strategy a person uses to undertake a certain task or activity.

A mental syntax can effectively reveal itself through how a person talks to themselves, through how they visualize things in their mind’s-eye, through how they read and interpret their environment, through the questions they ask themselves, through how they emotionalize their experience, through how they listen to other people, and more. Understanding the process that another person goes through in order to get a certain desired outcome can help you to effectively model their behavior. By following the same mental strategies that this person uses you should theoretically be able to obtain the same results.

Likewise, you can use this tool to elicit your own mental strategies for making decisions, for learning, and even for every time you fail and/or succeed at something. Yes, you actually have a mental strategy for your failures and successes. Understanding how you create these experiences in your life can help you to make the necessary adjustments on future attempts.

Another useful purpose for this tool is to unlock your mental syntax for experiencing various emotions (see: Mental State). For instance, your mental syntax for experiencing fear and courage will be very different. Understanding this difference can help you to take control of your fears by effectively running the courage mental syntax strategy instead.

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