Memory Cottage

The Memory Cottage IQ Matrix is an effective memory pegging tool that will help you remember long lists of items easily. The key to using this tool is to first of all commit the rooms and items within the cottage to memory from 1 to 21. Your next step is to select the things to be remember, then start pegging these things to each item within the cottage in a memorable way.

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Here is a quick break of how to use the Memory Cottage IQ Matrix.

  1. Commit the rooms and items within the cottage to memory in order from 1 to 21 (very important). DO NOT proceed until this has been done.
  2. Select information to be remembered.
  3. PEG 1st item on your list to the grandfather clock. This item must interact with the grandfather clock in a way that is memorable and creative.
  4. PEG 2nd item on your list to the candle chandelier. Again use your imagination by making the picture in your mind unique and memorable.
  5. Continue to PEG all items on your list to the items within the Memory Cottage.
  6. To recall your list, simply think back to the first PEG within the Memory Cottage (the grandfather clock). Now recall the item associated with the clock.
  7. Continue recalling all items on your list in this manner.

You can also create your own Memory Cottage using the rooms and items within your own house.

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