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People spend a large part of their lives focused on obtaining what it is they want most out of life. There is however a flaw with this type of behavior, which leads to great disappointment and manifests in unfulfilled dreams and desires. The flaw is that we cannot HAVE before BEING.

When I coach clients we often cycle through the goals that they would like to achieve for that week or month. These goals are tangible and concrete; however they are also not the real objectives that this person is trying to work towards. Instead, the real objective essentially comes down to the person that they would like to become as a result of this journey and ultimately how that will make them feel about themselves and their life.

When we begin to focus on who we want to become instead of focusing on the goal itself, we begin to do things from a perspective of development and growth, rather than from the perspective of achievement. This doing leads to the right kinds of actions that are necessary to help us obtain what it is we want most in our lives —which essentially triggers the manifestation process.

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