Luck Factor | what is?

It is said that lucky things always happen to lucky people. Furthermore, it is said that you are either born lucky or you’re not; you either have the Luck of the Irish or you don’t; you either are blessed with the Luck Factor or you’re crippled with the hoodoo of bad luck. Good luck therefore is either a part of who you are or simply “apart” from who you are, and there is nothing you can do about it.

This perception of luck was obviously formulated by those riddled with what they would call “bad luck”, and is therefore not a result of anything that we can consciously control. Or is it?

Even though attracting luck into our lives is something that we cannot physically control, it is however something that we can indirectly influence and bring forth into our lives by cultivating certain and traits, by developing a “luck attracting” mindset, and by taking specific actions that enable us to attract the opportunities into our lives that are typically labeled as being lucky.

Luck is therefore not a result of seemingly fortunate occurrences that make no sense. It actually results from a series of seemingly unrelated coincidences that have culminated together as a result of the traits we cultivate, the mindset we project and the actions we take each day.

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