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The Living Authentically IQ Matrix will help you to live life in accordance with your true authentic nature. These days we play so many roles and there are just so many expectations that people and society puts on us. Being authentic and living an authentic life is very difficult because we feel pressure from others to live and act a certain way. As a result we tend to do and say things that will help us gain the approval or acceptance of others. In other words, we tend to wear masks for each role we play as well as for every interaction we have. However, these masks aren’t who we are, and this is why we feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with life. Something is missing, and that something is the fact that we are not living true to ourselves.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Living Authentically IQ Matrix:

  • What Living Authentically Requires:  It’s not easy to live authentically. In fact, it takes a lot of courage. Courage is required to live authentically because you are living by your own rules and core values. And this means that at times you will need to make unpopular decisions that may open your heart to criticism and rejection. You are no longer putting on an act or living to impress others; but rather just being true to yourself. This first branch explores what it really takes to live authentically. There are certainly some sacrifices that you will no doubt need to make.
  • How Authentic People Live Life:  The second and third branches of this map explore how authentic people live their life. But this is not just about how they live, but rather how they think, what they say or don’t say, and how they act. However, being authentic doesn’t mean giving uncensored honesty that hurts other people. Authenticity comes from the heart and the heart knows how to express itself in the right way at the right time.
  • Who Are You Really?:  The third branch of this map provides you with a list of questions that will help you clarify who you are. Yes, on the surface it seems like a very straightforward answer, but there is much more below the surface of who we are that we haven’t probably ever thought about. It’s only when you unlock these answers that you will finally get down to the core of who you are. And there is where you will find your true authentic self.
  • Finding Your Authentic Self:  In order to fully live an authentic life you must explore three key areas. These key areas include your strengths, passions and core values. This final branch will help you to get the answers you need to begin living your life true to your very nature. As a result every decision you make and action you take will come from the heart and will reflect your true authentic self.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively begin to make choices and decisions that are based on your personal goals, passions, and core values. Living this way means living by your own rules and not by the rules or expectations set down by others. When you a true to yourself there are no more regrets and life is finally lived on your own terms. You are then finally authentically YOU!

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