Life Skills Mastery

The Life Skills Mastery IQ Matrix explores how to learn a new skill and apply it to your life in practical and actionable ways. Life is all about growth and development. And the only way we grow and develop ourselves is through knowledge and skill acquisition. When we successfully work through a problem we gain the necessary experience to tackle that problem in the future. That experience effectively becomes a skill that you can then use to move your life forward. So whether you want to advance your career, improve your relationship, earn more money, or anything else — this map is designed to help guide you through the development of any skill you would like to master using eight fundamental steps. Life Skills Mastery

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Life Skills Mastery IQ Matrix:

  • Acquiring New Skill: The first branch of this map explores the intricacies of what it takes to acquire a new skill. Specifically, it breaks down the purpose of skill development, the barriers that could stand in your way, and walks you through what’s required to learn a new skill. It will help you assess whether you have what it takes to develop the desired skill.
  • Life Skill Mastery Process: The final three branches of the map break down the eight-step process for skill development. The steps of this process walk you through identifying what skills to develop to implement those skills in the real world in an actionable way. Key questions have been added to the map that can help you gather valuable insights into the process you should be taking to acquire any new skill you desire to develop.

As you work through this map you will progressively gain a deep understanding of what it takes to develop a new skill to a high level of proficiency. You can then use that knowledge to help you acquire real-world skills that could provide you with the opportunities you need to advance your career forward and improve your life.

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