Law of Responsibility | what is?

The Law of Responsibility states that you are solely responsible for everything you are; for everything you have (or don’t have); for everything you achieve; and for everything you become. As such, there are no excuses or complaints, and there is certainly never anyone or anything to blame for your life or predicament; not the government, not society, not other people… You have attracted these events and circumstances via your thoughts through the Law of Attraction and via the resulting choices you have made. As such, you are entirely responsible for everything and therefore also hold the power to change “anything” by choosing a different set of thoughts that will lead you toward making a different set of choices.

Given this, you must always accept the full consequences of the choices you have made. After all, these choices have shaped your life up to this point, and now in this moment you have a choice yet again to shape it any-which-way you choose. Only through complete responsibility will you start making the progress you desire to make in life.

Applying this law effectively frees you from the Law of Accident.

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