Law of Giving | what is?

The Law of Giving states that by giving to others what you are seeking to get for yourself eventually brings what you giveth into your life. It all essentially comes down to a universal exchange of energy that is in constant movement and flow. It’s only when you allow that energy to flow from you, does that same energy eventually flow back to you. As such, the more often you give of yourself, of your time, or your energy, of your kind words, of your love, of your compassion, of your possessions, and of your money to others, the more you will receive in return of that same nature from a variety of unexpected sources.

This law of course applies to the act of giving of a small and seemingly insignificant nature as it does to the large contributions you can make to society. Whether you’re “giving” is large or small makes no difference. What matters is the intention of your giving and the impact it has on other people’s lives.

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