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The words you use throughout the day are nothing more than labels you give to your feeling and emotions. They are simply descriptions of your sensory experiences that help you gain a deeper understanding of your life and circumstances. However, these words are only generalizations you make about reality. They don’t necessarily describe reality “as it is” but rather describe your understanding of reality as you perceive it to be. Therefore the words you use are simply interpretations you make about things — for better or worse.

You give your experiences “life” with every single word you speak. As such, things don’t really have any meaning if you don’t take the time to give them a label.

You might for instance label something as being “disgusting” or “delightful”. Each label provides a different interpretation of your experience, and each label subsequently gives you a very specific kind of feeling. You will therefore feel good or bad dependent upon the label you have chosen. In other words, how you feel at any moment in time is heavily influenced by the words you use to describe your experiences.

Your words are therefore very much assumptions that distort your experience of reality. These assumptions are used to make sense of what’s real or isn’t real; what’s true or isn’t true; or what’s painful or pleasurable. The key understanding here is that these assumptions are yours and yours alone.

Your words are in a ways biased interpretations you make about people, events and your environment. These interpretations are based on your beliefs, values, self-concept, meta-programs, human needs, psychological rules, thoughts, perspectives, and much more. They are therefore in essence nothing more than psychological anchors we use to induce specific kinds of emotional states.

You experience a particular emotion because the words you use are psychologically anchored to that particular emotion. In other words, each word you speak makes you feel a certain way, and therefore using the “word” itself is a primary reason why you are feeling a certain way at any moment in time. This is of course good news and bad news. It’s good news because it means that you are fully in control of the emotions you will allow yourself to experience. However, it’s bad news because you normally induce your emotional states without conscious awareness.

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