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Intuition means being “in-tune” with life. It’s a state where you have the ability to understanding something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. It’s an instinctive feeling you have about something that directs your focus and attention. In other words, it’s akin to having knowledge or a heightened sense of awareness about something that has been weighing on your mind. Some people describe it as a gut feeling, while others call it a hunch that reveals answers to a dilemma they have been facing.

The moment you tap your intuition, you are no longer emotionally involved within the situation. This subsequently helps expand your perspective and understanding of things. From this place of intuitive thought, things become crystal clear and answers come readily. You become immediately present in the spur of the moment and you suddenly have all the answers you need to make the most effective decision moving forward.

The Intuitive Process: Neurological Explanation

Within the context of the MasterMind Matrix the intuitive process is tied to various elements of the chart including the Reticular Activating System, the Conscious Brain, the Inner Mind, the Spirit, Spirit Guides and Inspiration. All of these elements come together to form what we understand to be intuition.

To put this another way, our intuitive thoughts are a result of past memories and experiences merging together with current desires that lead to intuitive feelings and subsequently inspiration. Possibly even karma comes into play, but more about that later.

Your current desires send instructions to your Inner Mind about what is important to you. These commands get sent through to the Reticular Activating System, which searches the external environment for things that match your desires and are therefore deemed to be of importance.

When these “things” within your external world are located and recognized, the Conscious Brain is alerted. However, this information doesn’t come “as is”, it rather gets filtered through the brain and gets intermingled with other thoughts and ideas (in the form of past memories) along the way, thereby forming new neuro-associations. This is also where the Hippocampus comes into play; unlocking past memories and their accompanying emotional experiences that are tied to this new information (resulting from the neuro-associations that were just made).

On many occasions the signals sent through by the Hippocampus are very subtle by nature. This means that they don’t often get picked up by the Conscious Brain, or they are quickly disregarded and labelled as being “unimportant”.

Anything that is labelled as being “unimportant” gets stored within the Inner Mind. But this information of course isn’t ever lost. In fact, it becomes a critical component of the intuitive process.

When neuro-associations are formed and the Hippocampus is stimulated, this process awakens the Inner Mind. The Inner Mind then tries to alert you to this information through subtle signals/changes sent through your nervous system (physical body). Consciously picking up on these signals leads to what we call “a heightened sense of awareness”. In other words you become intuitively aware and this can often lead to sudden insights and a gut level of awareness that stimulates sudden bouts of inspiration.

There could yet still be an even deeper explanation of the intuitive process that comes through spirit.

The Intuitive Process: Metaphysical Explanation

Your intuitive thoughts and feelings could very well also be tied to your spirit and/or to spiritual guides. Your spirit or these spiritual guides send signals to you at a subtle unconscious level that comes through your nervous system and later transfers into conscious awareness. This is why you see these cartoon angels floating around the dashed path throughout the MasterMind Matrix chart. These are spiritual messengers that help guide you along your journey toward your spiritual purpose (personal legend).

Another factor that comes into play here is your level of karma. The universe is nothing more but a mass of energy. Whatever you send out into the universe must return back to you in some shape or form on the same level of frequency. As such, if intuition is partly based on karma it could very well lead you astray if it is not aligned with your current desires. Definitely something you should keep in mind before going with your gut.

To get a comprehensive understanding of what all this could mean to you and to your life, please search for the following topics: Karma, Vibrational Attraction, Vibrational Hierarchy, Subtle Body Energies, and Spirit Guides.

There is of course no concrete evidence for this second explanation, however if spiritual guides do exist and/or our spirit communicates with us at this subtle level through the Inner Mind, then it’s plausible to think that this is how intuition could function. However, the first explanation is certainly what makes the most sense on a physical level, but the second explanation (tied in with karma) could make for a good argument at a metaphysical level. And as far as we know, both processes could very well work in tandem at some level.

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