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The Inspired Life Lessons IQ Matrix explores indispensable life lessons that we all hopefully learn sooner or later as we move through life. This map is kind of an integration of key life lessons presented within other IQ Matrix maps over the years. As such, it provides some valuable takeaways that can help guide you to make more effective choices and decisions throughout your day.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Inspired Life Lessons IQ Matrix:

Each of the four branches of this map explore various inspired life lessons that can help us to live a better life. Here are five lessons of the many examples included within this map:

  • You create your own luck by taking chances and putting yourself out there.
  • Making excuses never helps improve a situation.
  • Your life won’t change unless you make changing a priority.
  • Today’s problems can become future blessings and opportunities.
  • There is more to learn from being wrong than from being right.

As you progressively work through this map you will begin to shift how you think, feel and interact with the world around you. Each of these inspired life lessons will shift your perspective of yourself, of other people, and of the circumstances you find yourself in. This will result in helping you make more effective choices and decisions moving forward.

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