Inner Mind | what is?

The Inner Mind is a permanent experience recorder. Every thought and experience you have ever had is recorded and stored deep within your subconscious.

These captured experiences not only contain information, but they also contain accompanying emotions forming deeply ingrained memories that shape your psyche and belief systems. But of course you are not aware of these programs. I mention that they are “programs” because these memories are “action inducing” commands that have been hardwired into your nervous system. In fact, your inner mind sends instructions to your nervous system around the clock; making sure that your habits and actions are consistent with these pre-programmed patterns of behavior.

Why is all this relevant? It’s relevant because no matter what you may desire consciously you will simply not get if it contradicts your subconscious programming.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t overcome procrastination, or why you just can’t get over your fears? Well the simple answer is because your pre-programmed patterns of behaviour — that have been hardwired into your nervous system — contradict what you consciously desire. As such, your nervous system receives a contradicting set of commands that go against your current desires, and therefore instead of feeling confident about giving that speech, you instead feel terrified because your pre-programmed patterns of behavior (based on past emotional experiences) have already sent through a specific set of commands to your emotional mind (limbic system) to release hormones that effectively trigger the fear response.

Given all this, the only way to counteract these pre-programmed commands is to progressively develop new neural pathways that will help you to form new habits over a period of time. This of course involves building up references over time that eventually grow into new empowering beliefs that help support your desired behavior.

It’s important to also note that your inner mind accepts stimuli without question. This is where subconscious programming comes into play. What this means for you is that unless you are consciously programming your inner mind with purpose, then you can bet that it is programming itself each day without your participation and conscious awareness. And if you’re not aware of this programming, then you better hope that it’s aligned with your desires and intentions. If it’s not, then you will likely experience the aftereffects of this programming when your body and mind respond counter to your desires, i.e. in fear.

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