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There is a great deal that could be said about the human body. You will find a plethora of texts, journals and articles that explore the makeup and anatomy of the body. For the purposes of the MasterMind Matrix the human body was added as a bridge linking the nervous system, the biological system, the spiritual realm and the subatomic world.

As science understands it, on a subatomic level the human body is nothing more but fluctuations of vibrating energy produced by subatomic particles (i.e. protons, neutrons and electrons). The remainder 99.9 percent is unidentified empty space. It’s empty because the gaps between the vibrating subatomic particles are so extensive that we are akin to a hologram. We only appear solid because the subatomic particles are vibrating at such an extreme high level that matter just appears to be in a solid state.

Imagine a fan rotating at full speed. We clearly understand that it’s not a solid circle, but it appears to be a solid circle because of the speed of the rotation. This is very much like the process of when subatomic particles vibrate to give the illusion of physical matter.

The human body is also intrinsically connected to the soul and spirit. The soul is an exact replica of the human body and mirrors it in every way. While the spirit is the intelligence that sits behind the scenes. In fact, the spirit is responsible for influencing the shape of the body through genetic code (DNA).

It’s interesting to note that scientific research has shown that all the cells within the human body are replaced within a period of several years. This means that you are a completely different person today than you were several years ago. This further suggests that every cell that made up your body years ago NO LONGER EXISTS. New cells have taken the place of those old cells, and you are now COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

This is incredibly significant because within each one of your cells lie stored memories of who you are, of your experiences, and of your life here on earth. Parts of these memories get passed onto the next generation of cells, which is why you “kind of” look the same as you did several years ago; you kind of think the same; and you kind of indulge in the same emotions and habitual patterns of behavior. However, the real significance of this is that you don’t necessarily have to “kind of be the same person”. You have a choice. You can choose to be different, and with choice comes change; and with change comes dramatic transformation.

The trick here is to create more functional and empowering memories for your cells to work with. It’s as though you’re writing a script for the cells in your body to act out. This script provides them with all the background information/memories/instructions they need to pass onto the next generation of cells. And by changing the instructions, you successfully alter the makeup of your cells.

If your body is suffering from an ailment today, it doesn’t necessarily need to suffer from that ailment tomorrow, as long as the cells of your body receive the right kind of instructions that will allow them to pass on relevant memories/information to the new cells — thereby allowing the body to undergo the healing process, which could take several days, weeks, months and/or years.

If we can successfully alter these instructions within every one of our cells, then just think about the possibilities? With new instructions your cells can change and transform in any-which-way that is biologically possible.

Think about all the different kinds of diseases that shape, deform and transform the body in unusual and surprising ways. The body is shaped and transformed in this way because the cells are given instructions to undergo this kind of transformation. And if your cells are able to transform the body in this way, then they can most certainly transform your body in many other ways — dependent on the instructions they receive.

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