How to Mind Map

The How to Mind Map IQ Matrix and the accompanying 20 page eBook breaks down the fundamental principles of mind mapping. Working through this map will help you to better understand the value of creating mind maps and the rules that govern mind map creation. You will also discover creative ways that mind maps can be used to help you at work, at home, and at school. 

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the How to Mind Map IQ Matrix:

  • What is a Mind Map: The first branch of this map defines mind mapping. This definition will provide you with a clear outline of what mind mapping is about.
  • Benefits of Mind Mapping: The second branch of this map breaks down the fundamental benefits of mind mapping as they pertain to different areas of our lives.
  • Uses for Mind Maps: The third branch of this map uncovers a variety of ways you can start using mind maps at work, for study purposes, and throughout your day.
  • Drawing a Mind Map: The fourth branch of this map presents you with a quick overview of how to draw a mind map.
  • Rules for Mind Mapping: The final branch of this map breaks down the fundamental rules for mind mapping.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your day, and you will progressively boost your productivity, cut down your study time, and manage information far more effectively using mind maps.

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