Strategies and Habitual Recipes (mx)

Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides the learner with a set of techniques and tools that help them overcome fear and obstacles; make more effective decisions, and achieve goals and objectives with greater proficiency. More importantly, NLP provides the learner with a set of tools that allows them to model excellence in any field of endeavor.

NLP also provides us with a deeper understanding of how we organize our thoughts, language and behavior, and the resulting impact that this has on the outcomes we achieve, or fail to achieve.

Each of the habits that we indulge in throughout the day follow a recipe or specific strategy that plays out the same way most of the time. In fact we have recipes for the emotions we experience, the activities we partake in and the decisions we make.

These recipes can be recognized when looking at the pattern of sensory cues we move through while undertaking a certain type of behavior or while experiencing a specific emotion.

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