Habits and Rituals (mx)

Habits are behaviors that we undertake automatically without consciously thinking about what we’re doing. They are instinctive routines of behavior that are repeated regularly over an extended period of time.

Habits help simplify our lives by “boxing” things into manageable routines and putting them on auto-pilot. This reduces the mental clutter of having to think about everything we do before we do it.

For better or worse, we are who we are because of the habits we allow ourselves to indulge in throughout the day. Therefore in order to transform our lives for the better, we must learn to acquire new and better habits.

As you have progressed along the Path of Self-Destruction, you have formed new behaviors or strengthened old habits. Either way, these new rituals are going to keep holding you back from your goals and objectives until you begin to make new and more empowering choices that will free you from these destructive patterns.

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