Global Beliefs | what are?

Global beliefs are generalizations you make about things, about people and about life. You will for instance believe X and you won’t believe Y. You believe X because you have made certain assumptions about X and Y that make them out to be a certain way.

Global beliefs can also be made on an individual level where you make generalizations and assumptions about yourself.

You can typically identify global beliefs when you say:

  • I am…
  • Life is…
  • People are…

These are things you don’t give much thought to. You simply accept them as being the truth, and you don’t even question that things could be any different. For instance the sky looks blue, so therefore it must be blue. This is based on the assumption that something looks blue and therefore is blue in all cases. But of course we know that isn’t true.

Another assumption you might be making is that all people lie and can’t be trusted. This may be true in some social circles, but it’s certainly not true across the board. However, this global belief might have been ingrained into your psyche from a young age, and now as an adult you don’t even consider that there might be other possibilities. It’s true for you, and that is all that matters. And of course, it might very well have served you when you were a child. Not talking to strangers and not trusting people kept you out of danger. However, does this global belief serve you today? What opportunities is it denying you in the present moment?

Many times you are probably not even aware of the assumptions you have chosen that form the basis of your reality. It’s the way you were raised, and that’s all that matters. However, is it helpful to assume these things and to hold such global beliefs? If they don’t serve you any longer in the present moment, then you may be missing out on a world filled with opportunities that will always be out of your reach while you keep a hold on these beliefs.

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