Fear of Embarrassment

The Fear of Embarrassment IQ Matrix will help you to take control and eventually overcome the feelings of embarrassment you may experience in awkward situations. The mind map explores what it means to be embarrassed; highlights causes of embarrassment and it’s consequences; outlines step-by-step what to do before, during and after an embarrassing event.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Fear of Embarrassment IQ Matrix:

  • Being Embarrassed:  Explores what it means to be embarrassed. The branch also highlights the causes of embarrassment and its consequences. Embarrassment is also a result of perspective. Some people feel embarrassed in a certain situation and others don’t. It just depends on your perspective.
  • Before Embarrassing Event:  In anticipation of an embarrassing event, this branch outlines several things you can do to help control your emotions in the lead-up to this moment.
  • During Embarrassing Event:  While your standing there all red-faced and embarrassed in front of everyone, there are still several things you can do to help control your emotional responses. This branch outlines what to do during an embarrassing event that will instantly help you to feel better and more in control.
  • After Embarrassing Event: Once the embarrassing event has passed, it’s time to reflect and think about what transpired and how you can use this learning experience to do better in the future. This branch helps explore this important step of the process in a little detail.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively develop the coping skills necessary to control your fear of embarrassment in different situations.

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