Empowerment Forces (mx)

In order to successfully venture onto the Path of Empowerment, we must first take time to cultivate the psychological forces that will help us get there.

You must begin by identifying your purpose or Personal Legend. Your Personal Legend is something that will get you out of bed in the morning raring to go with enthusiasm and passion. It’s something that will bring a great deal of joy and happiness into your life, and it’s something that will help launch your competitive spirit.

You will need to commit yourself towards bringing your purpose into physical reality. This will take initiative, discipline, proactive action, and ambition to get you through the tough obstacles that you will likely confront along your journey.

Moreover, it’s equally important to cultivate a light-hearted approach to life, to forgive yourself for past mistakes and transgressions, and to show compassion for others as you move forward towards your desired outcomes.

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