Emotional Fortress | what is?

An Emotional Fortress is technique used to strengthen one’s emotional resolve and resilience in the face of emotional upheaval and adversity.

The emotional fortress is in its most basic form a place you go-to in your mind that keeps you strong, focused and proactive during difficult times.

To build your emotional fortress close your eyes and imagine a special place that only you know about. This is your personal sanctuary that will help you find strength and guidance. This place could be a valley, a mountain, along the beach, a special room, a house, or any other place that gives you strength during difficult times.

Within this emotional fortress you can talk with your peers and mentors. These are the people who inspire and help strengthen you during difficult times. They are there to help and guide you through any emotional struggles you might be experiencing.

Your emotional fortress also contains a number of self-empowerment resources that you can use to help strengthen your resolve. All of these resources and support networks are there for you — to help you gain the upper-hand whenever you are facing difficulty.

You should use your emotional fortress in times of great emotional difficulty where you require that extra support to help steady yourself and point you in the right direction. Therefore instead of reacting emotionally in limiting ways to the events and circumstances of your life, take some time to remove yourself from your circumstances and step into your emotional fortress, which will help provide you with the answers and guidance you need to respond in positive and optimal ways.

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