Ego Consciousness | what is?

An Ego Consciousness is in simplest terms a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. It is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious, and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. It in essence grows out of a culmination of fear and a sense of pride based on a set of false beliefs.

Your ego is the sum total of your beliefs about who you are and about what you’re capable of. It’s the culmination of a lifetime of thoughts that have helped define you. However, the problem is that these thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself are not all in alignment. In fact, many of them contradict each other.

As such, the ego isn’t one specific thing. It’s actually made up of many different parts that create personas to help mask the real you from others. Each of these parts is evident in the roles you play, in the attitudes you project, and in the emotions you experience throughout the day.

These parts often hide behind various opinions, behind the need to be right, behind jealousy, anger, blame, and the insecurity that comes with feeling like a victim of circumstance; all this just doesn’t feel like the authentic you. All of these parts of yourself can be attributed to false beliefs that you have developed over a lifetime.

Since the ego is convinced that all these beliefs are true it will therefore strive to always behave and act in a way that maintains consistency with these underlying beliefs, rules and possibly values. In fact, if at any time it feels threatened it will do everything in its right mind to protect itself. It will therefore condemn, judge, criticize and defend itself any-which-way it can for protective purposes. It does this because it lives in fear of losing its identity.

However, with all this said, the ego’s behavior does actually have a positive intent. It’s trying to protect the “whole” of you from something specific. Yes, it’s doing this based on a set of false beliefs that you picked up as a child, however it’s not intentionally trying to hurt you. It’s very much akin to a bratty child who isn’t yet mature enough to understand the nature and consequences of his/her behavior.

In order to remove the ego from having influence on your life and on your interactions with others, you must start letting go of your false and limiting beliefs that support your ego’s agenda. This of course comes through self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings, behavior and words. Change will not happen immediately, it’s rather something that will take time.

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