Convictions | what are?

Convictions are the strongest beliefs and are often immune to logic. They are beliefs that have the highest unwavering certainty, commitment and dedication behind them. They are the beliefs that you have built over a lifetime and they have a tremendous amount of references behind them. Each of these references support this belief and provide you with the foundations of your conviction. Moreover, the amount of emotion, time, energy and thought you have invested into these beliefs makes them virtually indestructible.

This is of course good news and bad news depending on the convictions you hold. If for instance you have a set of indestructible convictions that support the goals that you would like to achieve, then you are on a winner. That is in essence how high achievers find the motivation they need to keep going when faced with adversity. However, on the other hand if you have a set of convictions that are in conflict with the goals that you would like to achieve, then you will continuously sabotage yourself — making very little progress as a result.

The biggest problem with convictions is that you probably don’t even realize you have them. You are so stuck in your own ways that it’s almost impossible to imagine other alternate possibilities. However, this is an obstacle that you will need to overcome if you desire to unlock your full potential to be, have, do and experience all that your heart desires.

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