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Throughout this analysis I’ve attempted to cover a lot of ground in small manageable chunks in order to keep things as simple as possible. However, I do hope that this information makes sense and that you can use it as a starting point for further research into specific segments of the chart.

There is of course just so much more that could have been said here, in fact I have literally only skimmed through the major chunks of the MasterMind Matrix without delving into the details. However, if you enjoyed this journey and would like to continue to dig even deeper into each of these topics then I encourage you to have a read of the articles on the IQ Matrix blog. Each of these articles delves even deeper into individual topics presented within the MasterMind Matrix.

I hope that over time all maps will be summarized and maybe even presented within a book, providing you with a very comprehensive overview of this chart and all its components.

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The MasterMind Matrix chart is of course available for purchase from the IQ Matrix website. For more information about the chart and for a look at the various bonus IQ Matrix maps included within this bundle, please click on the button below.

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On the page I also discuss how I went about creating the chart. I’ve also included images of an early version of the chart that shows how it grew over time.

Where to from here?

On the bottom of this page there is a link that will take you to the beginning of this journey through the MasterMind Matrix. Feel free to go through all the segments of the MasterMind Matrix again and read all the accompanying articles and resources for more information.

Alternatively there is a plethora of information available within each individual IQ Matrix map. Each of these maps go into more depth and detail into each segment of the MasterMind Matrix. Studying these maps will provide you with good foundational knowledge about the chart and how different segments are intricately connected.

Finally, if you enjoy the content here, then I would like to invite you to become a valued IQ Matrix lifetime member. As a lifetime member you will gain access to a growing personal development library of hundreds of mind maps to help you in just about any life area. Please click on the button below for more information.

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Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about this chart or maybe you found additional resources that you would like to share about different segments of the chart, then please feel free to contact me (Adam Sicinski) at It would be an absolute pleasure to hear from you.

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