The Art of the Compliment

The Art of the Compliment IQ Matrix breaks down how to give a genuine compliment that will leave people feeling confident, inspired and uplifted. Giving a compliment is somewhat of an art-form that can help you create magical rapport with other people. When done correctly it will have a positive impact on other people, however when incorrectly delivered it can very easily leave people feeling worse than if they had never received the compliment in the first place. This map breaks down the four step process for giving great compliments, and also explores another four step process for receiving compliments from other people.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Art of the Compliment IQ Matrix:

  • A Compliment:  What does it mean to give a great compliment? The first branch of this map explores what it means to give an uplifting compliment to another person. Delivering a great compliment will not only make the other person feel better, but it will also make you feel better about yourself. And the rapport you develop could very well build the foundations of a very strong personal or professional relationship.
  • The Giving Compliment Process:  The second branch of this map breaks down a four step process to help you deliver a compliment the right way. The first step involves expressing how you feel; the second step requires you mention something specific; the third step challenges you to explain why you said what you said; and the final step is simply allowing for a moment of pause to let the other person respond in kind.
  • Guidelines for Compliments:  Of course understanding the process of how to deliver a great compliment is only part of the equation. Within this third branch the map pinpoints several other key “dos” and “donts” for delivering your compliments in the most optimal way to leave people feeling empowered.
  • Receiving a Compliment:  The final piece of the puzzle is of course understanding how to receive a compliment. You will no doubt receive your own share of compliments; and understanding how to properly receive them can likewise help you develop great levels of rapport with another person. This process involves four steps. The first step is to accept the compliment; the second step is to acknowledge how the compliment makes you feel; the third step is to recognize your positive qualities; and the final step is to use this compliment for personal growth and development.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily interactions with others and you will progressively begin uplifting people wherever you go. This will naturally help you develop strong relationships and deeper levels of rapport with those around you. Likewise it will also help you feel better about yourself via the gift of giving.

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