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Collective Paradigms have evolved over the course of human evolutionary history. These paradigms are shared rules, assumptions, boundaries, standards, evaluations, beliefs and limitations that we have come to accept and adopt over time. They shape how we think, what we say, how we do things, and the perspectives we hold about relationships, friendships, people, career, health, business, religion, etc. Moreover, these collective paradigms shape what we view as being beautiful or ugly, right or wrong, sinful or godly, normal or unusual, etc. These are things that are rarely if ever questioned. They are simply a part of life; a part of my life; and a part of your life.

These collective paradigms are created over the course of human history by those with influence and power. For instance at one point it was widely believed that the earth was flat. However, over the course of time that assumptions was challenged by some very independent thinkers such as Aristotle and Columbus. These people questioned what was widely accepted as being true, and over time created a new collective paradigm that transformed how we perceived our planet.

The social norms that you wholeheartedly accept were created over the course of many generations by people of military, religious, political and social influence. These people or groups of people influenced the masses into thinking about, believing in, and perceiving things a certain way.

Today you think, believe and perceive things a certain way because it feels natural and normal. You don’t question why you drink coffee in the morning; you don’t question why you eat three meals per day; you don’t question why it’s polite to say “thank you”; you don’t question why people get married; you don’t question why you need to go to work every day; you don’t question why almost everyone drinks milk; you don’t question why it’s important to get an education; you don’t question why you believe in your faith; you don’t question why we need politicians; you don’t question why buildings have windows; you don’t question why men wear ties; you don’t question why women wear high heels; and you don’t question why there are road rules… to name just a few things.

There are many things in life that we simply do not question. We just accept them as being a normal part of life — a part of being human. However, who says that these things are right or wrong? Things are the way they are because at one stage the masses accepted that things should be this way and not another way. And until an independent radical thinker with influence and power presents things in another way, then we will simply continue to believe what we believe, to think what we think, to expect what we have come to expect, and to do what we do.

Have we been hypnotized by the collective paradigm? Are we living out of freewill? Do we even have a choice?

We are like a goldfish stuck in a fish tank. We understand and accept the world we live in, however little do we realize that there is a far bigger and broader world beyond the fish tank. This world beyond the fish tank is outside of our current perspective — as was once the idea that the world was round. And what’s not within our perspective, we simply do not question and/or comprehend. We continue to live within the confines of our own mind, continuously shaped by the collective paradigms we create together.

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