Collective Conscious Mind | what is?

The Collective Conscious Mind is the bridge between your spirit and Infinite Intelligence. It is the combined consciousness of humanity that shapes our sensory perceptions and beliefs about physical reality.

How we see and experience the world and the universe is a result of a collective mind perspective. All the laws within the universe are built upon our biology, physics, chemistry and understanding of mathematics. We perceive these sciences and the laws of the universe in a very specific way as a result of the Collective Conscious Mind. In other words, as a collective we have accepted certain things to be the truth, and therefore as a result they become true for us; for all of us in the same way. As such, these universal laws and our understanding of the sciences and reality won’t change unless the collective total changes them.

Given this, we are very much at the mercy of this Collective Conscious Mind that is constantly creating through attention, intention and expectation.

Whatever the Collective Conscious Mind expects to be real and true, it becomes real and true for everyone who is part of the collective total. Things can therefore only change if a majority of the collective total change and therefore force a shift to take place within the Collective Conscious Mind.

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