Coaching Introductory Stages | what are?

The Coaching Introductory Stages are key preliminary steps within the MasterMind Matrix that are helpful to move through before delving into the main segments of the chart. These stages include:

  • Life Coaching Introduction
  • Addressing Concerns and Goals
  • Current Reality Identification
  • Current Reality Evaluation

Various topic specific IQ Matrix maps have been developed that help walk you through each of these coaching stages.

Moving through these steps is of critical importance when coaching a client. They are important because if you’re a life coach they help you to better understanding your client’s goals, desires, needs, problems and circumstances. This analysis provides you with the information you need to help guide your client through the remainder of the MasterMind Matrix.

If however you are working through the MasterMind Matrix for your own self-coaching purposes, then these steps aren’t as valuable because you should already know yourself on an intimate level. But of course this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t gain value from moving through these steps. There will always be something that will come up to help you get a better understanding of yourself, your life or your circumstances. It can therefore be helpful to work through these steps even if you’re not a life coach or working with a life coach.

By doing the groundwork and going through these early steps will successfully prepare your mind; making it easier for you to work through the remainder of the MasterMind Matrix.

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