Co-Creation | what is?

We as individuals are free to make decisions and to create our own lives with purpose. Through the Vibrational Hierarchy we attract events, people and circumstances into our lives that are aligned with the energy we are projecting out into the world. In other words, we are in some ways manifesting our experience of reality on a metaphysical level.

This same principle also applies to all of us working together as a whole. On a global level we are all vibrating at a certain level of consciousness. As a result we “as a collective” attract global events and circumstances into our lives, i.e. peace, wars, famines, plagues, natural disasters, technological breakthroughs, etc.

Now this isn’t exactly something that science has proven. In fact, this isn’t the realm of science but rather the realm of metaphysics. Therefore on a metaphysical level we are in fact co-creating events on a global scale, thereby instigating change as a collective whole through our combined thoughts, words, emotions and deeds, just as we do on an individual level.

Today science has revealed an incredible understanding of the workings of our planet, our biology and the universe. We know why for instance earthquakes happen, and why we experience all kinds of natural disasters. We also understand how disease spreads through a population or how wars are started. The last example is not of a scientific nature, however the point is that scientifically and logically we understand that these are not acts of God. However, there is also the possibility that there is more to this than what is evident on the surface.

Just maybe on a metaphysical level these events and circumstances have been in the making for many years and centuries due to the collective total of thoughts, words, emotions and deeds of the human race. Just maybe what we understand to be a cause is actually only the effect of an underlying cause that we are yet to understand. Just maybe we don’t quite understand enough about the part we play within the universe and how we as a collective shape our lives. Just maybe we need to explore what the Collective Conscious Mind is all about.

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