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The Build Expert Status IQ Matrix provides you with step-by-step guidelines to help you develop expert status within your industry or area of study. However, it is important to point out that developing expertise in one area requires an incredible amount of dedication, focus and discipline over a period of many years. It’s certainly not an easy path, however it can be a very fulfilling and rewarding venture that can help you become the “go-to” person in your field. Of course it is true that this path isn’t for everyone, but it is for “anyone” who is willing and able to explore the depths of their passions.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Build Expert Status IQ Matrix:

  • What’s Your Expertise?:  Before you begin this journey you must first clarify what it is you want to focus on. In fact, you need to clarify the micro-niche you will occupy and the brand you will build within that field. This “expertise” is of course built upon your deepest desires and passions, which must be directed in such a way where they provide most value to the lives of those you influence. This branch guides you through a set of questions that will help you pinpoint your area of expertise.
  • Commit to Lifelong Development:  In order to become an expert in your field, you must commit yourself to lifelong learning and development. This means developing the necessary skills required to become an expert, while also gaining the necessary knowledge needed to help support the work you do. You will develop these skills and gain the necessary knowledge by committing yourself to lifelong learning. Joining MasterMind groups and hiring a mentor or coach for guidance will also help you along your journey.
  • Develop Expert Status:  Having already committed to lifelong learning, it is now time to get yourself out there and develop your expert status. The best ways to do this is to build credibility both online and offline. You can build credibility by writing a book; posting articles on a blog; releasing products and services; seeking out speaking opportunities; getting publicity for your business and brand, and much more. All these things take a lot of hard work, however becoming a “go-to” expert in your field of endeavor was never going to be easy.
  • Connect with People:  In order to expand your influence within your field and/or industry, you will need to connect with other people, especially with those with influence who can open doors to new opportunities. Connecting with other people also involves donating your expertise to your community and to charity organizations that compliment the brand you are building. All this work and the connections you make will help you to successfully infiltrate the inner circle of your industry where you can finally gain the expert status you’ve been working toward.
  • Completely Immerse Yourself:  The final step is to completely immerse yourself in your field. Live it, breathe it, dream it and explore your passions 24/7 for many years without any reservations. That is truly the only way to achieve long-term “expert status”.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively do the things that are necessary to become an expert in your field of endeavor. In fact, use this IQ Matrix as a checklist of sorts to ensure that you stay on track by focusing on the right things that will help you build your knowledge, skills and expert status over the long haul.

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